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E-Commerce Store

To stay relevant and thrive in the digital world, the Group upgraded and diversified their business model beyond traditional brick-and-mortar. In 2020, the Group has launched an e-commerce store, Qian Hu Shop in Singapore, providing customers an opportunity to shop for a wide range of pet and aquarium accessories from brands such as OF®, Ocean Free®, Classica®, Aqua Zonic®, ReptilePro®, RevoReef®, Ponddpro®, Bark, Aristo-Cats®, Delikate®, Furry Pals®, Sumo Cat®, Nature’s Gift, Emily Pets, Canines’ Language and Felines’ Language anytime, anywhere, and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep.

Qian Hu Shop also offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for its customers’ pet and aquarium equipment, ponds and aquariums as well as aquarium tanks customization service to cater to customers’ needs and preferences. 

Qian Hu Shop also provides a wide range of fish keeping and other pet care tips and advice from in-house experts, through a regular blog.

Qian Hu Online Shop

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