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Community Outreach 社区外展

Key Initiatives

  • The Group’s senior management takes the lead by pledging higher donations and committing more time for charity activities. 
  • 本集团的高级管理层为善不落人后,率先承诺更高的捐献,并投入更多时间去推动慈善活动。 

  • Since 2001, the Group has a dollar-for-dollar donation programme – Qian Hu matches every dollar that staff donates and these are donated for specific charities. 
  • 自2001年以来,本集团积极展开一元对一元的捐赠计划——员工每乐捐一元,仟湖鱼业也相应乐捐一元,这些善款之后会捐给特定的慈善机构。 

  • Over the years, Qian Hu’s contribution to charities averaged 1.40% of the Group’s PBT which is well above Singapore’s national average of 0.23%. 
  • 多年来,仟湖鱼业的慈善捐款平均达到集团PBT的1.40%,远高于新加坡全国平均水平的0.23%。 

  • Qian Hu organizes an annual exhibition at popular shopping malls and organizes free farm visit for underprivileged children and the handicapped. Through its subsidiary in Malaysia, the Group donates dog food to animal shelters. Qian Hu also donates fish to schools and helps to increases stocks in reservoirs. 
  • 仟湖鱼业每年都在各大著名购物商场举办展览,并筹办免费活动,让贫困儿童和残疾人士参观养殖场。该集团通过其在马来西亚的子公司,捐赠狗粮给动物庇护所。仟湖鱼业也捐鱼给学校,并协助增加水库的库存量。 

  • In 2012, Qian Hu has committed over 48 hours on public speaking and sharing sessions with the wider community in support of business excellence and best practices. 1,460 participants ranging from local institutions and schools to overseas business groups have benefitted from these sharing sessions. 
  • 2012年,仟湖鱼业已承诺在更广泛的社区,筹办超过48小时的公开演讲和分享会,积极支持优秀业务和最佳举措。来自当地机构和学校甚至是海外企业集团的1,460名参与者,都从这些交流会中受惠无穷。 

  • Qian Hu also offers internships to the Teachers’ Network and various polytechnics. 
  • 仟湖鱼业还为教师网络和各种理工学院提供实习机会。